Personal Home Buyer Seminars - It may be easier than you think to buy a home


We offer personal in-office home buyer seminars that focus on the major points in the home buying process and give you an opportunity to speak with an agent and mortgage consultants about your plans to purchase a new home.

You can find a lot of information about home buying on the web and by watching shows on cable TV like HGTV.  The reason to visit one of our personal seminars is to speak with people who touch the home buying process everyday.  Even in the 21st century, having a one-on-one conversation with people in the business day in and day out is worth your time in our opinion.

Items typically discussed during a home buyer seminar are:

  • Why buy a home? What are the benefits to you?
  • What makes home ownership a good investment?
  • What steps will I take in the process?
  • How important is my credit?  What about credit ratings (establishing and/or improving)?
  • Closing costs?  How much can you afford?  What does a mortgage include?
  • Home Inspections and lots more.

Schedule a Personal Home Buyers Seminar:

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You may also contact me at 502.224.3301 or send an email to to ask for a Personal Home Buyers Seminar. 
I will be more than happy to schedule a personal appointment with you at one of our convenient locations.